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Ben Yearsley is head of investment research at Charles Stanley

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Fund in Focus: Pictet Japanese Equity Opportunities Fund

Mr Perry is very optimistic about the outlook for both the Japanese stock market and the wider economy. His view is that, up until recently, Japan had the same problems


Fund in Focus: M&G Property Portfolio Fund

Total returns exceeded 10% according to Justin Upton, deputy manager of the M&G Property Portfolio Fund. A large part of this return has been driven by the stellar performance of

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Best and worst funds in 2013

While looking at the relative performance of funds is important, we go further, seeking to understand how and why a fund has outperformed or underperformed and whether this is repeatable.


Melchior Global Equity Fund cuts fee to 0.25%

Index trackers are cheaper and give more certainty as to the performance (in fact guaranteed under performance) versus a specific index. Active funds have the opportunity either to outperform or under


Viewpoint: Time to look at absolute return again?

By using sophisticated investment techniques such as shorting (profiting when prices fall) they look to make modest yet consistent gains with smoother performance than traditional funds. These are admirable objectives


Fund in focus: Polar Emerging Markets Income

The same is true in the investment world. It is commonplace to pigeonhole investments, for example bonds as a source of dependable income, or smaller companies as an area of


Fund in focus: Sarasin Agrisar

Total global consumption – people buying goods – is estimated at $38tn today but is expected to grow to $64tn by 2025. The lion’s share of that increase is expected


Fund in focus: M&G Recovery

According to him the average holding period for shares is now only six months compared to just over a year at the turn of the millennium and over eight years

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How to invest in private equity

Getting in at an early stage in a growing company can be highly lucrative, and over the long term this asset class has shown the ability to deliver superior returns.


Building an equity income portfolio

The premise is simple. Invest in dividend-paying shares to provide you with a rising income stream, or, reinvest that income to produce powerful compound growth. This has been a highly