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Andy Zanelli is head of retirement planning at AXA Wealth

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Pension choice is a good thing: are you prepared?

I am genuinely excited about the future of pension savings in the UK as this should be the foundation for all of us to enjoy our time winding down and


When pensions change really does mean change

It is now three months from what many described as the “biggest change to pensions in a generation”. We’ve also seen the raising of the individual savings account subscription limit

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Consider the tax implications of pension flexibility

For many years pensions have been viewed in quite a negative light, sometimes unfairly, particularly as the bulk of the fund had to be used to buy an income either

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Tackle Budget in bite size chunks

I always find it an interesting experience to go onto a website like where there will invariably be a calculator that will tell me whether I am a ‘winner

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Are you factoring inheritance tax into ISA saving?

There are about six weeks to go and no doubt a few more “top 10 things to do” lists will appear which will encourage us all to equalise our income

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Firm finance foundations or a house of cards?

There are a number of topics I want to discuss this year; the first one is a real back-to-basics and centres on the thought in the title. Think about your


Tax is a two way street: what aren’t you claiming?

How many of you get up in the morning with a desperate desire to pay more tax? And would you take £50 from your purse/wallet and rip it up in

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Lib Dems plan to cut lifetime pension allowance

The Lib Dem conference has certainly given savers a few things to ponder. Pensions Minister Steve Webb’s admission in a fringe event that he has concerns about the suitability of


Viewpoint: Would you tear up a £50 note?

I would now like to touch on the second: managing your personal tax position, using the appropriate tax wrappers and all of your available tax reliefs and exemptions. The reason


Jam today: Choosing an investment fund

First was the investment fund/opportunity driving the appropriate level of return, hopefully tailored to your attitude to risk (maybe after using a risk questionnaire). Second was managing your personal tax