Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is the partner in charge of SSAS at Barnett Waddingham and past chairman of SIPP and SSAS trade body the Association of-Member-directed Pension Schemes (AMPS). Andrew’s career in pensions began in 1996 working for Nigel Sloam & Co focusing on advising directors’ pension schemes such as SSASs. During his time there, Andrew qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. In 2005, Andrew moved to Barnett Waddingham and became a partner of the firm in 2008. He has presented on a variety of subjects at industry conferences as well as conducting training teach-ins for many professional firms and bodies.

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Can I invest my pension in gold?

This naturally rules out cars, tapestry and fine wine but also commodities and precious metals such as copper and silver. An exception, though, is gold (well, some types of gold).

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Should I commute part of my pension?

This term, popularised by final salary pension schemes, is used to describe the act of exchanging pension income for tax-free cash. You may find it cropping up in such phrases

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What happens to your pension savings when you die?

But what happens to your pension savings when you die?  The first point to clarify is that the money should not form part of your estate and so there is

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Should all SSAS have a professional trustee?

This is quite a risky approach if you are not familiar with pension rules as you are exposing your personal and pension money to large tax penalties if you make

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April 2014 deadline to protect £1.5m pension allowance

The reason for change was that, by 2006, there were eight distinct pension regimes built up over 40 years of pension interference.  The key was the introduction of a pension

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Investing in residential property through a SIPP

To be clear, I do not expect the review to result in this changing. The review is exploring whether commercial property held by SIPPs or SSASs should be allowed to

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Using pensions to build a business

This isn’t always sufficient motivation for business owners who typically need to invest capital in their business. If you are a business owner, you can build up a tax-efficient pension

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Don’t be un-done by unregulated investments

Whilst there are many legitimate alternative investments which can deliver high returns, the alerts highlight the need for caution before investing. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you

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Should I switch to flexible drawdown?

You may still want to look at the flexible drawdown route. What is flexible drawdown? Flexible drawdown is a variant of normal, capped, income drawdown. Money withdrawn from a flexible