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Celebrate more consumer choice in pensions

George had been promising a surprise and when he pulled this particular rabbit out of the hat, the vast majority of the financial services industry thought it had suffered a

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The impact of rates on retirement

This year, the 05 March 2014 was also the 5th anniversary of the Bank of England base rate hitting 0.5%. While this has delighted mortgage borrowers – especially those with

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What does the FCA annuity review mean for me?

Over the past year, questions have been asked about the value of these products. With the discussion increasing in recent months with the Financial Services Consumer Panel releasing a high

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Pensions jargon got you confused?

Do I want to claim for PPI miss-selling? Never had it (although that admittedly doesn’t seem to deter them from contacting me). Am I happy to help someone trapped in

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Don’t suffer analysis paralysis when buying an annuity

Headlines focus on mis-selling, lack of clear information and the issues around poor value products. Indeed, those approaching retirement could be forgiven for thinking that there is an entire section

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Don’t be loyal to your pension provider

My idea of a fun Saturday morning is definitely not spending time wandering around the high-street before getting stuck behind someone in a queue who “honestly has their reward card

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How much will you be worth when you retire?

How much will you have in your pension fund? In housing equity? In savings? This relatively blunt question is one that many people approaching retirement do not seem to genuinely

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Marriage is an investment and so is retirement

Yes, I do adore you but I’ve ticked the box which means that we get a bit more while I’m alive but if I don’t outlive you – well, it

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Can I defer my retirement?

You worked for the same employer for most of your life, received a nice gold watch before being shown the door and then spent the rest of your life gardening,

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Shopping around is normal – it should be for annuities too

However, thirty years ago, when I was just a boy trudging 10 miles to school through the snow in bare feet (or so I tell my children), it wasn’t nearly