SC Trading

SC Trading

After successfully running a printing company for over 12 years, Simon had the opportunity to work for a friends‘ boutique commodities brokerage, which gave him a great insight and a start in the financial industry. It afforded him the opportunity to learn the business and this led him into Currency Trading, as from 2010 he has been trading as a full-time career.

As a technical analyst with an eye on the news. His analysis centres on pattern recognition and candle stick formations, combined with simple support and resistance, trendlines and Fibonacci applications, mapping the markets in order to spot trading opportunities.

He has managed to reset his trading brain and concentrate on the psychology of trading by maintaining strict discipline, control and a detailed routine. He implements his trading principles and rules to maximise his technical analysis approach.

He has built on his experience and in the past 8 years has been consistently profitable and he is working to continue this success.

He is currently trading, splitting his time between, managing money for a Wealth Management Firm, he is also responsible for providing Technical Analysis Reports to Clients and Companies. He brings years of Technical Analysis experience and a wealth of knowledge gained through trading. He provides consistent gains with reliable and trusted daily technical analysis with clear trade ideas.

Our offering

We provide a Daily Trade sheet, with our expert analysis picking one FX or Commodities market based on our Technical Analysis. Providing an depth market overview, ground breaking Technical Analysis and a daily trade Idea.

Our Report provides a great market overview, then outlines clear and precise Technical Levels, patterns and candlestick formations, which leads into tradeable entry levels, profit targets and stop loss levels.

We look to gain an edge in the market by providing consistent market insight, that will fully prepare you to maximise opportunities each day and make steady pips!

We will be posting our weekly update for all at Every Investor to read and therefore keep on top of the markets  , plus some of our technical sheets , we hope you not just enjoy them but more importantly find them very useful !

Happy New year

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