Chasing Returns inks deal with FXLarge for ongoing educational content

Irish fintech company Chasing Returns first launched its range of products in 2016, currently deploying it in 120 countries and 9 languages. Today, the firm has entered into a partnership with London based FX Large, which produces compelling content for brokers, educators and fintech companies in the financial services sector.

Chasing Returns inks deal with FXLarge for ongoing educational content

Chasing Returns Limited of Dublin had partnered with FX Large Limited of London to provide ongoing educational content to support its PlayMaker product.

FX Large will be providing a suite of videos, quizzes, blogs and webinars to empower users to improve their trading discipline.

Ann Hunt, CEO of Chasing Returns says, “Our platform teaches traders to overcome the psychological and emotional issues of trading, not to avoid the issues but to understand them, embrace them and to use them to their advantage.

Traders get immediate improvement in their performance from using Chasing Returns products, which leads to them trading with more confidence and with higher frequency. With added educational content we can accelerate improvement even more.

We chose FX Large as they understand our vision, and Brad has extensive experience as a veteran in the industry, making him an ideal partner.“

Brad Alexander, CEO of FX Large says, “Chasing Returns is offering  truly revolutionary tools for traders and brokers. I know how important trading psychology is,  from my experience as a long time trader and educator.  To be able to provide educational content on this critical topic is a challenge which we embrace wholeheartedly.”

Both companies will be attending iFX Expo in Limassol next week and Ann Hunt will be participating as a panel member on her solutions for increasing revenues for brokers.

Creating “Compelling Content for Capital Markets” their work and services are used for marketing campaigns, education and customer support.


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Brad Alexander is CEO of FX Large Limited — a London based company providing content to Retail Brokers, Fintech Companies and Educators. Brad has been studying and trading the forex markets for decades and provides education, mentoring, market commentary, technical analysis and marketing consultation. Over the years he has worked in the industry for brokers, fintech companies and as a retail trader, allowing him to get the best view of all sides of the business. For the retail trader, beginner to intermediate, he offers one to one or group mentoring and education and, over the years, has helped many achieve a better understanding of the markets and trading psychology. Brad can be contacted at