Ethereum Futures

BBOD releases the most demanded cryptocurrency contract in the world

Ethereum Futures

April 24th, 2018 – 

The Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD), a Hybrid Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform, is due to launch in June 2018.

BBOD is the most advanced trading venue in the entire crypto space, providing speed and security for futures contracts settled in Ether.

When cryptocurrencies fall in value, panic ensues, as investors in Ether who entered the cryptocurrency rally late are losing money. This can best be mitigated with futures and perpetual contracts available on BBOD.

Currently there is no trading platform offering futures and perpetual contracts, that are settled in Ether.

Peter Arendarski, Ph.D, Chief Economist at BBOD said: “From my experience as a Professor of Finance, derivatives trading is rarely understood by the broad public. Futures are a great vehicle for hedging and managing risk. My mission as Chief Economist is to demystify derivatives trading and to educate every token holder on how to protect their wallet’s value against cutthroat price volatility.”

Futures on Ether provide a major advantage over trading on spot exchanges. You only use a fraction of what you want to trade to buy or sell a contract (typically 2-5% of the contract’s value) in order to protect your crypto holdings from a fall in prices. It is the same as buying insurance.

By buying cryptocurrencies on spot exchanges such as Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, you can make a profit when you buy low and sell high. In contrast, buying BBOD’s Ether futures allows you to profit from falling prices too. The process is as simple as buying cryptocurrencies on a spot-to-fiat exchange. This means that futures and perpetual contracts provide you with possibilities to use negative news to your advantage.

BBOD has developed a state-of-the-art encrypted technology and smart-contract to connect the client’s wallet to a top-speed matching engine. This means, that clients’ funds are completely secure and BBOD has no access to them. Your funds never leave your wallet.

BBOD Trading Platform is going live in June 2018, every customer will have a chance to hedge his crypto positions buying and selling futures settled in Ether .

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