Euro$ “gapped” slightly on the open

Euro$ “gapped” slightly on the open

Morning all.

Italian Elections
The Five-Star Movement has come out as the top individual party in Italy’s election, the anti-immigration Lega outperformed expectations and Pro-Europeans lost a lot of ground.

The projections, which are compiled using a sample of votes, estimates the Euro-skeptic, anti-corruption Five Star Movement attracted 34.1% of the votes for the Chamber of Deputies, and put Lega  ahead of its coalition partner, the Silvio Berlusconi-led Forza Italia, with 17.3% against 14.1%.  The current ruling center-left Democratic Party was predicted to gain 18.7 %.

Euro$ “gapped” slightly on the open and so now let’s see how the election affects things. With the exception of some UK figures at 09:30 we could be in for a pretty quiet day ahead of this Friday’s NFP Figures.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Yen pairings in particular and watching to see if the $ is going back into consolidation “proper” or not.

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