Is this the beginning of the end for Europe as it is now (Euro-zone)..?

Is this the beginning of the end for Europe as it is now (Euro-zone)..?

Morning all.
Is this the beginning of the end for Europe as it is now (Euro-zone)..?
Spain, despite political insistence is in trouble.
Some are even speculating that we could have a civil war on our hands.
Where is the supporting backbone of the European super-state..?
They should be all over this. They are doing very little to help Spain through this very difficult time and so many will read this as weakness.

Theresa May goes into the 5th round of Brexit negotiations today and will be speaking with some major companies such as HSBC to seek their view.  It is likely to be very choppy as news leaks out over the day and already there has been a small “gap” from Fridays close.
Remember it was NFP last Friday so it might take a little while to settle down.

Boris “J” is well and truly back in the spotlight again as the Brexit negotiation deadline gets closer, in-house fighting points at Theresa May’s leadership and the Corbyn gang sit quietly watching the Tory’s beat each other up.

Guys, this is not an opportunity for any of you to flex your muscles.
Its time for you to work together, get a deal for the U.K, stop “bitching” and get on with your job. If you don’t we will get rail-roaded by Europe  as they make an example of the UK’s exit in an effort to stop others doing so.

Who ever it is that ultimately negotiates the deal will need to be super strong  and supported by Parliament as well as the citizens of the UK.

There’s a U.S holiday today (Monday) and markets would normally be pretty quiet. However, I think we may just see some Pound and Euro movement once more and I will be looking for these especially against the $ and the Yen.  I still think the Euro and Pound are going to slide but accept I will have to pick my moment and as usual timing is everything.


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