iPhone 8 launch – figures show 1 in 3 to be lost, damaged or stolen

iPhone 8 launch – figures show 1 in 3 to be lost, damaged or stolen


  • One in three new iPhones expected to be lost, damaged or stolen
  • New specialist insurer InMyBag warns significant number of claims happen within six months of ownership


London, 12th September 2017 – Apple enthusiasts planning to be among the first to own the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X should be extra vigilant with their new device, warned new specialist insurer InMyBag today.


Research suggests that one in three iPhones are lost, damaged or stolen1 while figures from InMyBag show 30% of incidents happen within the first six months of ownership.


The new handsets are expected to be the most expensive models Apple has ever produced, something that will not go unnoticed by criminals. The Office for National Statistics2 estimates 446,000 people had their mobile phones stolen last year while mobile phones were targeted in 37% of all pickpocketing and muggings.


When it comes to damage, around one in five people (19%) have dropped their phone into the toilet. A number of studies suggest around a quarter (23%) of iPhone owners have cracked their screen and then go without a proper repair.


When an iPhone is lost, damaged or stolen – owners with gadget insurance expect a prompt resolution. However, the amount of time it takes to replace or repair a device is surprising. The Financial Conduct Authority has found claims can take more than 30 days to be resolved with the average taking well over 15 days.


InMyBag, which launched earlier this month, guarantees to repair or replace up to £5,000 worth of gadgets, including the new iPhone models, within 24 hours and often much sooner – wherever a customer is in the world!


Gustav Holst Stuge, CEO, InMyBag, commented: 

“Like all tech junkies, we’re incredibly excited about the new iPhone at InMyBag HQ. But, the figures we’ve highlighted make for sober reading and people need to be aware of the risks.


“One in 3 iPhones are expected to be lost, damaged or stolen – a large proportion of those within six months.


“Many buy gadget insurance to provide peace of mind but all too often people don’t get the coverage they deserve. Who can afford to wait for weeks for their expensive new iPhone to be fixed or replaced?


“InMyBag is different – we strive to provide a service that’s fit for the 24/7 digital society we all live in. With us, you don’t need to wrap your iPhone, laptop or tablet in cotton wool.’’

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