Global Economic Update

Global Economic Update

In Germany, the final consumer price index (CPI) registered an expected rise of 1.6% YoY in June, compared to an advance of 1.5% in May. The preliminary figures had also indicated a rise of 1.6%.

In Spain, the final CPI climbed as expected 1.5% YoY in June, compared to a rise of 1.9% in May. The preliminary figures had also recorded a rise of 1.5%.

In the US, the seasonally adjusted initial jobless claims eased less-than-expected to 247.00K in the week ended July 8, 2017, compared to a revised reading of 250.00K in the prior week. In June, monthly budget deficit widened more-than-expected to $90.20bn, compared to a reading of $88.43bn in May.

In Canada, the new housing price index rose higher-than-expected by 0.7% MoM in May, compared to a rise of 0.8% in April.

In Japan, final industrial production recorded a more-than-expected drop of 3.6% MoM in May, compared to a decline of 3.3% in April.

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