Today is an exciting day for Property Partner !

Today is an exciting day for Property Partner !

Today is an exciting day for Property Partner, as they are announcing massive advances to its trading platform which is aimed at revolutionising the liquidity available to investors wanting to trade residential property.

With a new online trading property tool, that is set out to inject liquidity into residential property market, its aim is to attract a new breed of trader. The ‘Bid Manager’ dashboard automatically matches properties against investment criteria, which then exceed according to strategy, risk profile and desired yield.

‘Bid Manager’ introduces automates, strategy based trading, allowing investors to filter thousands of potential property investments instantly. It is designed to increase the number of shares in properties changing hands and  overtime, drastically boost liquidity. Property Partner has ambitions to bring the same levels of liquidity to its residential property resale market that currently exists in the stock market.

Since August 2016, it has been possible to place bids on Property Partner. There has been a total of 1318 clients who have been using the service across 8361 transactions worth almost £2million. Currently, there are £1.49million of bids resting on the platform, which are averaging at £6044.

‘Bid Manager’ is designed to take the work out of using bids to invest on the platform, by calculating what price investors should offer for each property, based on their desired yield. They can then leave unlimited bids on any number of properties on the table, which are then executed when sellers drop their prices low enough. 

On top of that, the tool also increased the speed at which traders can make investments. This is key for taking advantage of sectors within the property market that are overbought or oversold for a limited time. With the introduction of automated ‘stock screening’ and bid placement for residential property, it is aimed at attracting the most active traders.

Before Bid Manager, investors using platforms such as Property Partner, have had to manually select which properties they wanted to bid on. With the introduction of Bid Manager, in contrast, it allows you to search for multiple properties the suit your investment objectives and bid on them all at once, with the additional convenience of remaining on a single screen.

 Dan Gandesha, CEO of Property Partner, said: “This is a very exciting moment for us because it represents the next step on the road to bringing the kind of liquidity you see in equity markets to the residential property market.

“Property investing in the past was a slow and frustrating process but our latest innovation turns that firmly on its head.

 “Never before have residential property investors been able to easily place pending orders across multiple properties at the same time, and watch as the platform fills those orders according to priorities set by the investor.

 “We expect the Bid Manager to attract a lot of interest from traders who have been used to trading with this kind of flexibility across equities, currencies and commodities, but never in the residential property market.”

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