Top traded funds in January

Andy Parsons, head of investments at The Share Centre, examines The Share Centre’s ten top traded funds in January 2017.

Top traded funds in January

2017 has kicked off in the same way it finished, with the CF Woodford Equity Income fund being the most traded fund at The Share Centre.

The data, which is based on the number of trades made by our customers, indicates that this was one of only two predominantly UK-focused funds to prove popular in the month of January. The announcement that Neil Woodford will  be launching a new fund in March will only ensure that the spotlight and focus remains on his investment propositions.

The Fundsmith Equity fund and Jupiter India fund once more feature in second and third places respectively. Whilst the Fundsmith Equity fund has some weighting to the UK, the majority of the fund (currently 64%) is geared towards the US. It’s therefore the first of many globally-focused funds to feature in this list indicating investors are continuing to look for opportunities outside of the British shorelines.

Reinforcing that theme, the Jupiter India fund is likely to be featuring as a result of India continuing to be the preferred emerging market region for investors as they appreciate the opportunities being created due to reforms in the area.

Fourth place is occupied by a regular favourite for our customers, the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders fund. The fund invests in shares of large and mid-sized companies in the continent which generally have a total stock market value of at least US $1bn.

Fifth and sixth positions are home to two US funds that come in the shape of the Schroders US Mid-Cap fund and the CF Miton US Opportunities fund. With President Trump continually voicing strong pro US business rhetoric, investors may have sought the opportunity to identify a core US offering for their portfolios. However, investors should be aware that in general US valuations are currently are above their long term averages.

The AXA Framlington Global Technology fund, a favourite of The Share Centre investors of late, follows in seventh position. In a world constantly evolving, technology is continually extending into and impacting all aspects of our daily activities from cars to healthcare, communication to banking, and manufacturing.

In eighth place we find the second income-focused fund and one that hasn’t appeared for some time: the Schroder Income Maximiser fund. This fund seeks to provide investors with an enhanced level of income of around 7% albeit not guaranteed, through an investment process that is very much value orientated, with the additional yield being delivered through the selling of covered call options.

The last international-focused fund demonstrating an appetite for alternative regions comes in the shape of the Legg Mason Japan Equity fund. A regular constituent over the last 12 months, this investment opportunity offers investors the chance to play into the internal consumer demand within Japan, albeit appreciating the additional volatility the region undoubtedly brings.

Propping up the table this month is the Newton Global Income fund, the third of the funds which offers investors income but with this one having a truly global approach. Newton has long been respected for their income producing funds and the group believes a global approach is critical to understanding companies, markets and economies.


Top traded funds in January 2017 from The Share Centre:

1     CF Woodford Equity Income

2     Fundsmith Equity

3     Jupiter India

4     Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

5     Schroder US Mid-Cap

6     CF Miton US Opportunities

7     AXA Framlington Global Technology

8     Schroder Income Maximiser

9     Legg Mason IF Japan Equity

10   Newton Global Income


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