The most traded funds in July

Sheridan Admans, investment research manager at The Share Centre, examines The Share Centre’s ten top traded funds in July 2016

The most traded funds in July

The CF Woodford Equity Income fund continues to be the most popular fund by a clear mile amongst The Share Centre investors. The data, which is based on the number of deals completed by our customers, indicates that investors stuck with the reliable and trusted Neil Woodford post Brexit.

This could be because the manager indicated before the Referendum that there is ‘bigger concerns affecting the global economy than Brexit’. The fund offers a portfolio which comprises not only a core nucleus of blue chip companies, but a number of exciting young vibrant businesses just starting out.

In second and third positions respectively are the Blackrock Gold & General fund and the Fundsmith Equity fund. Gold is often regarded as a safe haven for investors when the markets are gripped with fear and uncertainty, so it is unsurprising to see the Blackrock Gold & General fund feature at the higher end of the list. The latter has cemented itself within the top three over the last few months and offers investors exposure on a global basis and is managed by the highly acclaimed founder of the business, Terry Smith.

The next five funds in the list interestingly all have overseas interests. We start with the Legg Mason Japan Equity fund sitting in fourth position. A popular choice amongst our investors as it aims to play the internal consumer based around three key themes, notably the continuing rapid emergence of the internet as a sales channel, ageing population and the medical and long-term care industries.

Next up and in fifth position we find the Jupiter India fund, a new entrant last month, demonstrating investors’ shift towards funds geared to other regions post Brexit and perhaps following the surprise announcement that Raghuram Rajan, India’s governor of the Reserve Bank of India, will be resigning when his term ends in September 2016. Investors could therefore be seeking opportunities in this fund.

Sixth in the list we find the Newton Global Income fund. Newton has long been respected for their income producing funds and this fund represents an alternative global approach for investors’ seeking income, perfect for those whose focus is away from the UK. Newton believes a global approach is critical to understanding companies, markets and economies.

Another fund that is exposed to gold is seventh placed Investec Global Gold fund and following closely behind in eighth position is the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders fund. The latter has been an infrequent entrant over the past year in our top ten traded funds list. The Fund invests in shares of large and mid-sized companies in the region, which generally have a total stock market value of at least US $1bn.

Propping up the table this month is the Old Mutual UK Mid-Cap fund and the only new entrant this month the Unicorn UK Income fund. Interestingly, these two funds feature due to having a more ‘sells’ than ‘buys’ but this is somewhat understandable given that they are heavily weighted towards the UK Mid-cap market.

Top 10 traded funds in July 2016 from The Share Centre:

1     CF Woodford Equity Income fund

2     Blackrock Gold & General fund

3     Fundsmith Equity fund

4     Legg Mason Japan Equity fund

5     Jupiter India fund

6     Newton Global Income fund

7     Investec Global Gold fund

8     Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

9     Old Mutual UK Mid-Cap fund

10   Unicorn UK Income fund

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