VIDEO: film director warns on financial crisis

Ross Ashcroft on house prices, private debt and financial crisis

In this interview Ross Ashcroft, director, broadcaster and renegade economist, speaks to Chris Menon about the coming financial crisis.

Ashcroft directed the critically-acclaimed documentary Four Horseman about the causes of the current economic malaise, which became evident in 2008. In this video interview he gives his forthright views on:

  • the next financial crisis
  • the role money creation by banks plays in pushing up house prices
  • the recent capitulation by the Greek Government
  • The need to critique austerity economics

If you want to learn more about how our financial system benefits the few, at the expense of the many, watch the video.

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Christopher Menon

Every Investor Editor Chris Menon is a financial journalist who has written regularly for national newspapers, magazines and websites about personal finance, with particular emphasis on investing.

  • casandra

    The Greek “cuestion” is a blatant FRAUD done by the few where billions of Euros were sucked up by the few on the top and left Greece to hold the torch.
    The EU is benefiting the few at expense of the many slaving to pay the IMF and cronies.