Video interview: Paul Jourdan of Amati Global Investors

Paul Jourdan manages the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund

Paul Jourdan is chief executive officer of Amati Global Investors and has managed the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund since 2000.

The Fund’s long term performance record is award winning, including Growth Company Small-Cap Fund of the Year 2011 and a Lipper Fund Award 2012 for the best UK Small & Mid Cap Fund over 3 years. Dr Paul Jourdan is also a 2013 FE Alpha Manager.

The table below provides the cumulative performance of this fund, as at May 31, 2015.

 Time period  Fund Return %  Benchmark Return %
 1y 8.71 5.59
 2y 32.65 24.10
 3y 58.15 61.30
 5y 124.91 87.13
 10y 180.44 130.27
 Launch April  1999 502.04 252.30
Paul becomes manager, August 2000 308.86 147.49

In this interview he discusses:

  • Some of his favourite companies
  • The criteria his uses to select an investment
  • Typical ways in which a company overstates its profits
  • How a fairly inexperienced investor can improve their returns

Watch the interview below:


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