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1 in 7 retiring this year have no pension savings

More than one in seven (15 per cent) of those planning to retire this year have no pension savings, and will either be totally or heavily dependent on the State

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Bring financial education to the masses

The surprise majority win of the Conservatives has resulted in a number of key roles changing hands. Some have yet to be decided, whilst others are already known. One of

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Investment trusts: active versus passive

It’s an almost age-old debate, with countless research devoted to the subject. Namely, which is best: active or passive fund management – which method has performed best over the long-term?

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There is no such thing as ‘good deflation’

Following the news that the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell by 0.1% in the year to April 2015, making it the first time in the past 55 years that

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CrowdLords is the first two-sided investment crowdfunding platform for the UK residential market.

CrowdLords is a uniquely different crowdfunding investment platform as they directly connect people who wish to build and manage a property portfolio or develop property (landlords or developers); with investors

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Planet Ponzi author blasts governments and regulators

Mitch Feierstein, hedge fund manager and author of the bestselling book Planet Ponzi, has lambasted regulators for failing to adequately regulate and punish those banks involved in the latest scandal

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Banks fined US$5.7bn for rigging Forex markets

Six of the world’s biggest banks have been fined a total of US$5.7 billion (£3.7bn) for manipulating foreign exchange markets. It’s the biggest combined bank settlement in history. Barclays, Royal

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Most people won’t use banks for currency transactions

Given the latest forex scandal, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that most people don’t want to use banks for currency transfers. Still, according to a survey from the research

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A third of people living in London can’t afford basics

New research from Loughborough University shows that a third of Londoners have less income than they need for what the public regard as a decent standard of living. That is

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VIDEO: housing market is not safe, says UK expert

  In this video interview Professor Danny Dorling of the University of Oxford, an acknowledged expert on housing, explains how Britain’s housing crisis is linked to the financial system. Moreover,