VIDEO: Mark Slater talks about investing

An interview with Mark Slater, manager of the top performing MFM Slater Growth Fund

Mark Slater runs the MFM Slater Growth Fund. It’s the top performing growth fund over 1 and 5 years, achieving a return of 220.65% over 5 years according to Lipper.

Here he talks to Chris Menon, editor of Every Investor, about:

  • The main criteria that he looks for in a prospective investment
  • Some of his recent purchases, such as asset manager Liontrust
  • Existing positions that he has recently added to, such as Restore, First Derivatives and Pressure Technologies
  • How a private investor can make best use of their advantages when investing
  • Some accessible books for private investors

Watch the video below to learn from one of the best fund managers around.

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Christopher Menon

Every Investor Editor Chris Menon is a financial journalist who has written regularly for national newspapers, magazines and websites about personal finance, with particular emphasis on investing.