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Investment pros less negative on developed market equities

With developed market equities being increasingly regarded as overvalued throughout the first three quarters of 2014, the fourth quarter saw a reversal of this trend, according to research released today

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VIDEO: Mark Slater talks about investing

Mark Slater runs the MFM Slater Growth Fund. It’s the top performing growth fund over 1 and 5 years, achieving a return of 220.65% over 5 years according to Lipper.


10 tips for successful investing

Bad news always makes the headlines, while good news is rarely reported and, over the past 15 years we’ve seen constant negative headlines when it comes to stock markets. We’ve


London house market still strong but UK market flailing

The markets have grown in both house purchase and remortgage activity in Greater London compared to the previous quarter, according to data released from the Council for Mortgage Lenders. The

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US stock markets: in the search for yield, buyer beware

As stocks climb higher in the US and investors continue their search for income, BlackRock has warned that defensive income-orientated stocks may be overvalued. As a consequence of low and


Bond markets: an oily mess

Commodity prices in general and oil in particular dominated our latest round of strategy meetings. In terms of US retail spending, cheaper gasoline prices should be supportive given the $30


Cromwellian relic to be auctioned at Sotheby’s

Those with deep pockets and an interest in investing in historical collectibles might care to attend the auction of a unique Cromwellian relic at on 9th December. This is when


VCT investment to hit £475m

Investment in Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) will hit more than £475 million this tax year, according to a study commissioned by Albion Ventures. The research also found that nearly one

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5 steps to improve your finances before Christmas

This week is Financial Planning Week. The purpose is to help consumers take action to improve their financial health. Below are five things you could do to get your personal


Mean Reversion: can investors benefit?

The theory of mean reversion can be applied to almost any market, sector or asset class. In simple terms, mean reversion is the idea that, over time, prices will revert